After a car accident, many things go through the minds of the victims. However, one of the most important things that you need to have in mind, is to try to gather the necessary evidence. To win a legal case, you will need as much evidence as possible.

Unfortunately, accidents are fortuitous, stressful and most people neglect to gather the evidence that will be needed during the legal process.

Here are some tips to gather evidence after an accident.

Videos and Photos:

In the past, documenting the scene of an accident was almost impossible. Now, with current technology and with cell phones, it is very easy to get clear evidence at the time of the incident. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words!

If possible, and if conditions permit, you should take photos and video with your cell phone. You should also write down anything that seems important and necessary, including the time, conditions of the road, etc.


In almost all accidents, there are people who gather around to watch or to try to help. Try to talk to one of them and save their contact information to communicate with them later if you need to in order to support your claim. Witnesses are often a very important piece in legal cases.

Police report:

The police will make a report about the accident, and this report will be very important to win your case. This report in many cases will not indicate who is at fault, but will contain the specific facts about the accident.

It is also important that you try to obtain any other necessary documents such as medical bills, damage estimates, and anything else related to the case.

The more serious your injury or more complicated your claim, the more you will need the help of a lawyer to explain your rights, represent your interests and get fair compensation.

Many are not aware of their rights as the victim of a car crash except for the obvious claim against the guilty driver. Frequently, they do not realize the existence of claims against their own policy or other claims available in many accidents, such as those against the owner of the car, the employer of the driver, and for defective vehicles.

Finally, do not forget that for all cases there is a “Limitations Law” that eliminates your legal rights if you do not pursue them before the deadline, without exception.

So contact us, not only to find out about your legal rights, but also to find out the about any deadlines. Make sure not to lose your claim.

We are here to help with your case.

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