With crowds and all-day activities in Las Vegas, accidents are common while visiting famous hotels, casinos, nightclubs and cantinas.

Slips, stumbles and falls are common while using the stairs, parking your car, or swimming in the pool. Simply by walking through the common areas in casinos accidents can occur. Carpets with wrinkles or wet floors can cause the most careful walker to slip and fall.

What should you do if you get hurt?

First, make sure you get medical care as soon as possible. Report your accident to the casino staff. However, do not sign anything the casino might present to you.

If the casino offers you first aid from a trained medical professional or helps to get one, you must accept or explain clearly your alternative. Otherwise, a denial of aid may allow them to argue that your injuries were not serious enough to warrant immediate attention.

You should also call a lawyer. Casinos usually employ “risk minimization” terms that will try to minimize your accident claim as much as possible.

Casino insurance will also work hard to oppose your claim. This is a dose of double resistance that you will have to fight in order to get the compensation you deserve.

Provide them as many details about the injury incident as you can recall, and be wary of leaving out details or stating things in ways that could be construed contrarily to the actual facts. Casinos have hundreds of cameras pointed throughout the floor, so if you leave holes in your story, you provide them an opportunity to allege inconsistencies.

Ask your doctor to make a detailed evaluation of your condition. The more documentation you have, the better prepared you will be to fight your case.

Do not try to go against the power and resources of a big casino on your own. The only way to make sure your rights are protected and to argue against these oppositions is to hire a lawyer with experience in casino or personal injury cases.

An experienced attorney can protect your rights even in complex and controversial cases and can help you get far more compensation for your injuries.